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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 21, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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this morning senator ted cruz being called everything from a baby to a sore loser by donald trump supporters after being booed off the stage at the republican national convention. this morning, cruz making news again. who he says he's voting for. good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us. i'm erika gonzalez. travel nightmares for southwest passengers after a major computer glitch. the airline is apologizing and says most of their systems are back online. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. comfortable temperatures for now but there's dangerous levels of heat and humidity coming our
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for the weekend. how hot we'll be, coming right up. okay, it is now up to donald trump tonight to try to unite a party still reeling from one of the most unexpected speeches in the history of the republican national convention. nbc's tracie potts is in cleveland. tracie, what a night. but tonight for trump what are people going to be focusing in on, especially after what happened last night with senator ted cruz? >> reporter: well, he's got to pull it altogether. interestingly, both trump and cruz are saying that the party is unified, even though while cruz was saying that at a texas delegation breakfast this morning, there were people from his own state cheering him and criticizing him for what happened last night. >> they're booing him. >> one final -- >> the public is booing ted cruz for not endorsing donald trump.
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conscience. >> reporter: the reaction so rowdy, trump walked in early while cruz was still speaking and cruz's wife had to be escorted out. >> it made me uncomfortable, it truly did. i don't like it. >> reporter: trump says he saw the speech early and chose not to change it. no big deal, he tweets. newt gingrich went offscript trying to bring the party together. >> the only possible candidate this fall with the trump-pence republican ticket. >> reporter: trump making his third appearance before tonight's acceptance speech, congratulating running mate mike pence. >> i'm a christian, i conservative and a republican, in that order. >> reporter: the vice presidential nominee calls trump a true conservative. >> you have nominated a man for president who never quits, who never backs down. a fighter, a winner. >> reporter: delegates cheered pence. and
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>> vote for the candidate who can't be bought, sold, purchased, bribed, coerced, intimidated. >> reporter: the pro-trump speeches marred by mutiny as trump prepares to accept his hard-fought and still controversial victory. this has a lot of people talking about whether there's a split in the party. trump tweeting about it today, saying other than a few people who suffered massive and embarrassing losses, the party, he says, is unified. >> hey, you mentioned that cruz was with the texas delegation this morning. so if he didn't endorse trump last night, what is he saying to the delegation? who is he going to vote for then? what is he saying about that or not, i should say? >> reporter: yeah. it's a good question. so he made it clear he's not voting for hillary clinton, but he also said that he is going to do what he said last night, vote his conscience and he has not made up his mind yet on donald trump. he said he's going to be watching and listening. he didn't really put an alternative out there to trump, he t
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is he going to sit out and not vote at all? he did make it clear that he has not made up his mind and donald trump is not saying what he needs to say to convince ted cruz to get his vote. >> all right, tracie potts, a developing story. thank you, ma'am. in the meantime, virginia senator tim kaine just wrapped up an event in arlington on immigration reform. it comes as he's on the short list of candidates to be named hillary clinton's running mate. now, clinton is expected to announce her decision any day now. some of the other names on her short list include agriculture secretary tom vilsack, labor secretary tom perez, senator elizabeth warren, housing and urban development secretary julian castro and new jersey senator cory booker. news4's aaron gilchrist and julie carey will be in philadelphia next week for our live coverage of the democratic national convention. good morning, everybody.
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chuck bell. off to a bright and sunny start to the day as we're approaching the lunch hour. temperatures have made it into the 80s just about everywhere. it's agr83 at dulles, 81 in annapolis where the bay water temperature is now up to 82. hourly temperatures today, we'll get well up into the upper 80s and a lot of the inside the urban center neighborhoods will probably touch 90 or 91 degrees, but most of the outer suburbs will be in the upper 80s. so your weather headlines then, get ready to sweat. typical summer levels of heat today. the high heat is back tomorrow and heat and humidity is back to the weekend. how high we're going to get coming up in a few more minutes. >> thank you, chuck. this next story is generating a lot of reaction on our facebook page. as a matter of fact, i just put this on my page as well. if you go there, you can see more of this video that shows the moments before and after an unarmed black man was shot by police. the man was on the ground.
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time. north miami police say somebody told them a man was in the area with a gun and threatening to kill himself. this man that you see there with that green shirt is a therapist and says that he was trying to help the patient with autism that you see seated right next to him when police arrived. he was shot in the leg but is expected to survive. the miami-dade state attorney's office says it is now investigating the shooting. turning now to a developing story out of prince george's county, a man was stabbed to death outside of the addison road metro station in capital heights. now, police say just before 7:30 last night two men who knew each other got into an argument. one man pulled out a knife and stabbed the other in the chest. that suspect was taken into custody. prince george's county police are asking for your help identifying a man who was killed in an accident with a police cruiser. it happened over the weekend near the intersection of riggs road and university boulevard in langley park. police say the victim
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hispanic man between the ages of 20 and 25, 5'6" and was wearing a black miami heat cap. apparently two other cars almost hit the pedestrian before the police cruiser did. if you have any information, you are being asked to contact police. southwest says the problems are now in the past. it offered an apology this morning for a computer glitch that led to hundreds of delays. southwest also says it's waiving fees for anybody affected by the problem. megan mcgrath is live at reagan national airport where she talked to travelers. i was watching your live shot this morning. i really hope things have improved inside there. >> reporter: things are getting back to normal this morning, but we're not quite there yet. we still have some more cancellations that are happening through the course of the day. but southwest has apologized. they say most of their computer systems are now back up and running, but they do have to work people through the system. there were a lot of cancellations yesterday and early this morning, so it's going to take some time.
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the line at the southwest ticket counter stretched out the door of the terminal this morning. some were forced to spend the night last night when their flights were cancelled. >> very disappointing. just chaos. we had to stay overnight, sleep overnight here. it was a mess. >> reporter: a computer glitch caused big problems for southwest. on wednesday, 700 flights were either cancelled or delayed. more than 166 were cancelled nationwide today. caught up in the mess, fred pitt its and his three grandchildren. he said lack of communication was the worst part as he was shuffled from one line to the next. >> so once i get to the front of the line where the 150 people were, they put us in another line. they told me the same line that they kicked me out of, to go back to that line. i get back in that line and then we stood there for at least about an hour before they started helping us again. >> reporter: the computer
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phone app and website too. so figuring out what to do has been challenging. >> it was kind of hard because since the system was down the app wasn't working, so it was hard to stay updated on what was happening. and they did help. once our flight was cancelled they helped with the rebooking but there wasn't very much they could do because so many people had problems. >> reporter: so while there is improvement, folks should also be a little patient a little bit longer still because southwest says that there will be some continued delays, perhaps some continued cancellations as they reposition their crews and their planes in light of all that happened here in the last several hours. this started yesterday afternoon and dragged into the morning. back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much, megan. a new warning and a new recall over defective airbags. take a look at your screen right now. general motors is recalling 2009 and 2010 model chevyal
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february 10th of 2010. the airbags may not inflate in a crash. that's because of an issue with the wiring. now, even if you drive one of these affected cars, there is no timetable for a fix right now. the legal battle for former olympian oscar pistorius not going away even with the convicted killer back in prison. why prosecutors are not not satisfy had e. plus a warning by d.c. police for yoga studios and
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shockingly lenient. that's what prosecutors are calling oscar pistorius' prison sentence, and now they say they are going to appeal. pistorius was sentenced to six years in prison for shooting and killing his girlfriend. the minimum sentence in south africa for that crime, 15 years. the judge who sentenced pistorius said there was compelling reasons for a lesser sentence. among other things, she called him a good prospect for rehabilitation. cramped and unlivable, that's how animal control officers described the conditions inside a d.c. home filled with dozens of cats and kittens. >> it's all right. it's okay. >> these are just some of the 63 cats and kittens officers found who were sick and s
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of a home on decatur avenue in northwest. now, the cat's owners have not been charged in the case, but an investigation is ongoing. >> we do want to take those calls. we do want to be able to work with the community over the phone on their concerns. and this is exactly what could come of it. >> the washington humane society, washington animal rescue league are now caring for the cats until they can be adopted. d.c. police are issuing a warning to yoga studios and gyms after a series of robberies. nearly a dozen have been robbed in recent weeks. bik bickram hot yoga got the suspectedburg -- burglar. >> he broke the register and broke into our back rooms with a crowbar. he took a lot of time hanging out in here looking around for, i don't know, keys, money, whatever he could kind. >> d.c. police say whatever
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could find was some cash and small electronics there. officials in florida are worried they could soon have a zika outbreak on their hands. they're going door to door in miami spraying for mosquitos. all of this comes as officials work to confirm if a miami-dade county woman contracted the virus locally. health officials are trapping and testing mosquitos for zika. if confirmed, this would be the first nontravel-related case of the zika virus in the continental united states. prince harry is making a call to action on the aids epidemic. he's attending a global conference in south africa right now. he said even though people are living longer with aids, the problem has not been solved yet. he said a new generation of leaders needs to take steps forward and encourage aids and hiv testing now. many folks are anticipating the opening of the mgm casino in national harbor. what they're not looking forward to is the added traffic. the state of maryland is
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increase of nearly, get this, 27,000 vehicles a day on the beltway near national harbor in the last seven years. that's according to a new report released by aaa. while the mgm national harbor is coming together faster and faster, the traffic around it is becoming more of a concern. >> the national harbor will become a place where nobody wants to go because of all the gridlock and sitting in incessant bumper-to-bumper traffic. >> i don't know if concern is the right word. what i would say is we're going to be paying close attention. >> officials also say the increased traffic just means it's becoming more of a tourist destination. not cars, not thieves, but land mines as pokemon go is going global. it's the kind of thing that countries are warning players about in bosnia specifically. leaders say they are worried that people will chase pokemon out onto the mines that were planted decades ago. in other places including
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leaders are worried that the game will become a security threat. in russia, some religious leaders said that it could inspire satanism. a remarkable rescue caught on camera as good samaritans jump in to do some heavy lifting against all odds. gabe gutierrez has a dramatic story from south carolina. >> reporter: the outlook was grim. a red convertible flipped over in a ditch off i-20 in lexington, south carolina. trapped underneath, the driver. >> all i remember it the initial hit, then weightless and then just laying there. >> reporter: he had only a seat belt and a prayer after losing control of his car. now he had no control over what would happen next. >> everybody stopped. everybody wanted to get that guy out. everybody wanted to save his life. >> reporter: he was one of the dozen good samaritans who dropped everything to
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>> and when we flipped it over, he put his hands up and said thank you. it was just incredible. >> absolutely incredible. i was not expecting to see that many people just standing there just watching. one lady was praying throughout the whole thing. then people are giving me hugs. >> reporter: remarkably, he walked away with no major injuries. but a new appreciation for the kindness of strangers. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> that is just -- >> isn't that amazing? it's so great when you see something like that. >> it's remarkable. it makes you feel like, hey, you've got something else to live for then. well, we will not be suffering alone in the coming days. what is being described as a heat dome is going to be gripping the u.s. we will show you how cities are preparing. and later in the broadcast, we are joined by
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you may remember him as a fan favorite on season three of the voice. he's got a big performance coming up in d.c. tomorr. we'll teowll
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airbnb is turning to a former u.s. attorney general to help alleviate concerns that the company's hosts are discriminating against certain people. eric holder will help the company craft an anti-discrimination policy. critics say that by
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people to choose their renters, airbnb unwittingly enabled its hosts to act on their biases. a harvard study last year found widespread discrimination by airbnb hosts. a family grieving this morning for their 17-year-old son who died on a hiking trip in arizona when he was struck by lightning last night. the teen was with two other hikers who have minor injuries. the storms were so intense, emergency crews say they had to wait an hour to respond after somebody called 911. >> such extreme weather and we're going to be getting extreme heat here too. >> and unfortunately that young man is the 16th person killed by lightning in the u.s. this year. >> this year? >> on average we lose 30 people a year to lightning. the most dangerous thing -- you always think it's golfers. it's not. it's fishermen, it's campers, it's soccer players. those are the groups that have the tendency to be at the highest risk. be safe, everybody. when thunder roars, go indoors. hri
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sign to know that there is lightning in the area and you need to make sure you are not the tallest object outside on the fruited plain when the thunderstorms come rolling in. for now we don't need to worry about thunderstorms today or tomorrow and most of us don't have to worry about any chance of rain for sunday or monday. it's a blue sky over washington. not much of a breeze yet. the south wind has aided the warmup. we're at 83 degrees in washington right now. on the whole, today will be one of the last low impact weather days for a while. all sunshine, not much in the way of humidity and a light breeze. a perfect afternoon to get outside and do what you need to get done. if you're doing any yard work or barbecuing in the backyard, good weather for all that. it's in the low 80s pretty much everywhere and most everyone will stay in the upper 80s. downtown locations inside the beltway closer to 91 degrees. the rain chance, though, zero percent for today. it's going to be the last of the nice days. humidity levels for today areon
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tomorrow they'll move up just a smidgeon. what you're going to notice moving up tomorrow is the heat. it will be 95, 96 or 97 tomorrow with humidity increasing. as we head into the weekend, saturday and then especially sunday and monday, dangerous levels of the combination of heat and humidity. afternoon air temperatures near 100. heat indexes could be 105 or higher. if you're going outside for your activities today, nothing to worry about at all. even good weather for happy hour and the nats game just started and it's a comfortable day for baseball. here's the next five days. i'll give you the ten-day forecast in a few minutes, but we will be in weather alert mode to keep you ahead of the heat all through the weekend. you just heard chuck mention that today is the day a dangerous heat wave begins moving across the country putting emergency personnel on alert and sending many americaning searching for shade. here's more from nbc's chris clackum. >> reporter: it's already been plenty hot in much of the
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children. >> because we love going swimming! >> reporter: the days to come, though, will bring triple-digit heat from bismarck to baton rouge, birmingham and baltimore. relief agencies are distributing water, fans, air conditioners. >> we don't want anybody being caught in distress in their homes. >> reporter: near st. louis, an elderly woman died inside her home after the air conditioner broke down, prompting a reminder to check on the seniors. >> when i say check on them, i mean physically check on them. knock on the door. >> reporter: temperatures have been so high so far this year that nasa scientists have declared the first half a record-breaker. >> so the planet is warming and the last six months have been the warmest first six months of the year on record. >> reporter: so hot in south dakota, a dairy farmer created air conditioning to keep his cows
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charlotte to offer up advice. >> walk them in the shade. if you're going to walk them, put their paws in the grasses. >> reporter: heat advisories and warnings have been posted in 16 central and southern states through the weekend, forcing parents into a state of sarcasm. >> that's fantastic. >> reporter: chris clackum, nbc news. >> i feel her pain. >> just like many of us around here. oh, joy, here comes the heat. here at nbc4 we are getting ready for clear the shelters. it's a big pet adoption event this weekend. ahead of that, advice on training a pet, especially a cat. >> that's right. and we'll hear from ivanka trump. she has an important part in tonight's republican national convention. her thougs on herht
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and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me.
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breaking news from rio. federal police in brazil have ordered the detention of 12 people who allegedly pledged allegiance to the islamic state group via social media. justice minister alexander de morales told journalists ten had been arrested. the group had been discussing the use of weapons and guerrilla tactics to potentially launch an attack during the olympics. police are looking for two others right now. let's go back to our coverage of the republican national convention. i want to show you some live
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arena in cleveland this morning. this is the place donald trump will give his final address of the convention tonight. here are four things to know about the convention today. the theme is make america one again. donald trump is expected to accept the party's nomination for president of the united states. his daughter, ivanka, will address the delegates and introduce her father. there may be more protests today. multiple people were arrested yesterday for burning an american flag outside the convention center. news4's chris lawrence has been in cleveland all week covering the convention for you. here's his take on the day ahead. >> reporter: i'm chris lawrence outside quicken loans arena and it has all come down to this. today's theme is make america one again in which the campaign tries to promote the kind of unity that brings the country together instead of dividing it. now, that may be tough considering some of the harsh rhetoric we have heard this week as well as the chants of "lock her up" every time hiy
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but spearheading the effort is going to be ivanka trump, who's going to be talking about him as a father. of course donald trump himself who will not only be trying to make the pitch to unite the republican party, but making that final outreach to democrats and independents as well. in cleveland, chris lawrence, news4. >> as chris mentioned, donald trump's daughter, ivanka, is speaking today. we have several hours before we hear from her on stage, but ivanka spoke to the "today" show one on one. here's savannah guthrie's exclusive interview from cleveland. >> are you nervous about introducing him tomorrow night? >> i am terrified. i'm terrified. i've never spoken in a stadium like this. but really i just want to make sure i do a great job for him. it's a real honor and a privilege that he asked me to do this, and i think it's a testament to him as a parent. >> how did he ask you? >> in a pretty casual way, like my father does things l
11:32 am
ivanka, would you like to do it? you'll be fine, don't worry, you'll be great. >> what do you want to convey tomorrow about your dad? >> i know the man as a parent and i can share how he raised me and my siblings and the father he was. but also i can talk about the man he is as a leader and an entrepreneur and a businessperson and visionary. so knowing him from those two very different vantage points, but seeing similar attributes really transcend both worlds, i think it gives me a bit of a unique perspective in that regard. >> have you developed that politician's daughter's thick skin yet? >> certainly the last year has helped. it's definitely a little bit thicker than it was at the beginning of this. you know, i think -- i think the most helpful thing for me is the fact that i know who my father is as a person. so, you know, a lot of labels get
11:33 am
people can say some vicious things. i know the truth about my father. i couldn't support my father if i didn't know those things to be purification. so i know the man so that gives me great comfort. >> what are you going tell yourself as you walk out on that stage on thursday night? >> don't trip. after that, after i get to the podium, you know, i think i'm really comfortable with my speech because it -- you know, it comes from my heart. hopefully i'm able to deliver it in an articulate way. but i think at the end of the day i know i'll go home to my children and they'll love me as much regardless. even if i bomb, my father won't hold it against me. >> the next vice president of the united states, governor mike pence. >> hillary clinton wants a better title, and i would too if i was already america's secretary of the status quo. >> we like mike, we like mike, we like mike. >> vo
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god bless the united states of america. this morning hillary clinton isn't the only person republicans are united against. the gop is outraged after senator ted cruz failed to endorse donald trump and instead suggested delegates vote for whoever they want. nbc political contributor nicolle wallace told news4 this morning, she's never seen anything like this. >> it was the equivalent of walking into someone's house, smashing the furniture and leaving with some food from the refrigerator. ted cruz's diss of donald trump did not go over well. >> news4's tom sherwood and chris lawrence are in cleveland today working for you. you can look for their reports starting at 4:00 this afternoon, first on 4:00. until then, you can follow their updates on facebook, twitter and instagram. well, the second annual clear the shelters event is this saturday, july 23rd. 40 nbc and tun
11:35 am
shelters here and across the country to help find loving homes for pets in need. as we get ready for the big event, we wanted to get a better idea of what it takes to train an old or new pet. we are joined by alexandra dilly from the washington humane society, washington animal rescue league this morning to talk about that. good morning. >> good morning. >> who do we have here? >> this this is kimmi, she's one of our kittens and she's living right now with her mom and her brothers and sisters. we found her in a dumpster when she was only a few days old and helped to nurse her back to health. now she's almost ready for adoption. >> oh, i'm sure. now yesterday we were talking about how to train dogs. i am a dog lover, have had dogs all my life, never had a cat. how would you even go about training a cat? >> it's very similar actually. all animals learn based on the same principles, so what you want to do is get something that they like in order to reinforce
11:36 am
good behavior that they're doing, you can have the treat on their nose and sort of lure them around to do things that you want them to do. over time you can shape them towards the exact behavior that you're looking for. but it's very easy actually. >> now, what should people know about adopting a cat? if they're watching us and thinking maybe, what should they know? >> they should know that cats are both predators and prey. so when you bring a cat home, you want to set your house up to exploit those needs of the cat. so, for instance, cats are likely to be fearful when they first get to the new home so you want to give them a room in your house so that they have a base to explore things on their own terms. they also are predators so they want to chase things. so you want to have lure toys so that you can give them adequate stimulation and help them to express those normal behaviors. >> now, if my kids are watching, we have a dog, they're
11:37 am
home. how do you integrate that, if you have other pets in the family, whether it's a dog or another cat? how do you bring them in? >> that's a good question. i would do it slowly. just setting them down on the floor together is the worst idea possible. it's much better to give them their own spaces and then over time, over a few days or weeks swap items that smell like each other and eventually open doors so that they can see each other but not access each oar. >> and what about making them feel safe at home. once they integrate with the other pets, what makes them feel good and safe? >> that's a good question. so having their own spaces and having their own water bowls, their own litter boxes, their own places to perch and to hide. if they need to run away, that's a normal behavior. we want to allow them to do that. >> so they can feel that security right off the bat. >> that's right. >> thank you so much. thanks for joining us too. she's so cute. and there are so
11:38 am
animals out there who need your home, need your help and need your love and people can find out more about clearing the shelter on >> thanks, susan. a good way to describe our weather the next few days, hot, halter, hottest. chuck is
11:39 am
11:40 am
today is expected to be our 18th 90-degree day this summer. >> believe it or not, this weekend we could go from the 90s to the triple digits. >> yes. >> but it was only a matter of time. >> well, it's been four years since we've made it to 100 degrees, so it's not like it happens every single summer. now, we swelter every summer for some period of time, but statistically the last two weeks of august and the first -- last two weeks of july and first couple of days of august statistically are our hottest time of the year, so this is
11:41 am
see the threat of triple digits. outside right now not a bad-looking day out there. plenty of sunshine. nothing to worry about in the way of thunderstorms for today, tomorrow, i don't think there's much of a rain chance but we did have that story on a little earlier about lightning fatalities. on average we lose about 30 people a year in the united states. 79% are men, 21% women and 70% of lightning deaths happen during the summer. typical because that's when the thunderstorm season is. the most dangerous activities, fishing, boating, camping, on the beach. if you're boating, you need to be really careful but also soccer players, golfing, farmers and yard work. a lot of people get hit by lightniligh lightning doing yard work. we're in the 80s right now. afternoon highs right around 90 in martinsburg, 90 in manassas, 91 for leesburg and washington. if you're doing a little grilling in the backyard, it's going to be a beautiful evening
11:42 am
upper 80s at 6:00 back into the upper 70s and low 80s by 8:00 or 9:00 this evening. the big dome of high temperatures is back to our wech west. that's migrating our way and as a result we'll be going into the cooker for the next little bit. 91 today but 97 tomorrow. then the humidity comes in on saturday with a high of 99. could touch 100 monday and sunday as well, and no real cooldown next week either. we could be mid to upper 90s well into next week. >> thank you, sir. snapchat has some new exciting additions. you can add a personalized emoji avatar to your snap. you can create them to look just like you. there's also a new filter that lets you draw anything on your face and while you're drawing, the app tracks your face movements in realtime. that's kind of creepy. it also remembers what you last drew which makes it pretty easy to access to your most recent
11:43 am
it's so fun with my kids. what else is fun? the new cirque du soleil show is opening today. we'll introduce you to a local performer who is not afraid to fly through the air. and next we are joined by scottish rocker terry mcdermott, runner-up on "the voice." he's got aig performan bce
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>> you remember his face, the smooth voice. terry mcdermott was runner-up on season three of "the voice" and he is in d.c. this week to play at the song bird. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> you're kind enough to stop by with us and we appreciate it. >> it's a pleasure. >> so tell me what you're doing in town? >> i'm playing my first ever d.c. solo show. i've been lucky enough to play here before. i've played the national cathedral but this is my first-ever solo show. >> so you're going to be in adams morgan but i have to ask you about "the voice." what was it like to be part of that show? >> it was an epic experience. i didn't know what i was in for but it was nothing but positive. of course now known throughout america. it's a wonderful experience. >> do you still keep in touch with any of your fellow colleagues or even some of the judges? >> yeah.
11:47 am
on occasion i've popped in and spoken to blake. i've spoken to cassadee a couple of times and spoken to nick david actually. >> you're from scotland. >> i am. >> so was it the music that brought to you to the states? >> i was. i was in a band that got signed to a big american label so i got my first taste of the american dream. >> i love that. and that was i guess several years before your appearance on "the voice." >> it was. i was no stranger touring in the u.s. before i was on "the voice." >> of all places that you have been -- i know that you love in new orleans, but what do you like? >> well, i love d.c. i've actually recorded here and i've spent good time here so i love this place. and who doesn't love new york city. >> for people who are looking for something to do this weekend and thinking to check you out, how would you describe your music for them? >> i think it's rock 'n' roll. and i'm actually playing with a couple of local guys that are in my band at the moment, so you can come andee
11:48 am
>> i like it. so biggest influences? is it rock 'n' roll or where? >> yeah, definitely. i think the who was a huge influence for me. you can't beat roger daltry with all the thee at ricks. >> tomorrow night. what time? >> the show kicks off at 8:00. we've got support from local artist emma gee. >> thanks for stopping by. i won't tell you break a leg. >> i'll break both. >> have a wonderful show. thanks for joining us. you can see terry mcdermott at the song bird in adams morgan. back to you, susan. and another magical experience will get under way under the big top in tysons. the new cirque du soleil show starts today and features a local performer who will have one big stage. news4's
11:49 am
from tysons. >> it's the world's largest trampoline. 30 foot by 40 foot giant net that we use to shoot ourselves in the air. >> reporter: d.c. native ryan murray jumped into his dream job, the creation of the new cirque du soleil show. >> i play a fish in that act. my role is to appear in a lot of other scenes as a broadway company member. >> reporter: under the big top tent that took 40 people to raise, the georgetown prep grad is home to perform in front of his family, including his biggest fan, his mom. >> before my act, i'll do a few jumps on the trampoline to get my brain sorted and then go out and rock it. >> very cool. now after the break, we will introduce you to a maryland woman whose olympic dream starte on thed
11:50 am
it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits.
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it is official. the russian track and field team will not be competing in the olympics next month. 68 athletes were accused of taking part in widespread doping. russia appealed the decision to ban them but a court rejected that appeal today. a single track athlete, a long jumper, could still represent russia in the games because she lives and is tested in the united states. for nearly two decades ashley has dreamed of becoming an olympic kayaker. people doubted her. she
11:53 am
at times wanted to throw in the towel, but she didn't, and now she will be representing america in rio. >> reporter: ashley nee has seen the power behind a dream. >> i was born and raised in maryland right here on the potomac river. >> reporter: the river has always been part of her life. but it was when she was 10 years old that the water changed it forever. >> i was too afraid to paddle a kayak. i knew i couldn't do it. i knew it wasn't for me. my friend, malalorymallory, jus me over and made me try it. >> reporter: and that's when it all began. >> i slowly worked my way up and i've been out here every weekend several times in a week. >> reporter: her dream was to one day become an olympian. she knew the competition would be fierce, but she never gave up. she was dedicated and determined. >> we're like millimeters away from these poles. if you make the slightest mistake, game over.
11:54 am
every stroke and getting ready for that one chance to qualify, her drive, she says, comes from the community that exists on the water. fellow kayakers who have become family and her motivation to keep striving towards her goal. >> it was a heated battle in charlotte and in oklahoma, but i gave it my all and i fought for every stroke. i just couldn't be more excited. >> reporter: after years of training and at 28 years old, she made it. ashley nee is a first-time olympian, and in a few weeks, the world will be watching as she tries to bring home the gold. >> all i know is it's going to be really hard to race well there, but it's going to be exciting. >> reporter: megan fitzgerald, news4. >> that's so cool. we wish her the best of luck. the olympic games begin august 5th. you can watch the opening ceremonies right here on nbc4. before then make sure that you sign up for our olympic news letter on a
11:55 am
in rio. he'll compete not just as a swimmer but as a captain. it is the fifth time phelps made the american swim team but the first time he'll ever compete as a captain. the team's 47 swimmers voted in the eight-time olympic gold medal winner. phelps will compete in three individual events and may be part of three relays as well. well, two highlights worth seeing over and over again from last night nationals game, and both from young stars. let's start with bryce harper. there you see it in the first inning, he goes deep, and i say deep. 449 feet. the two-run homer landed halfway up the third deck of the seats in the right field. then we have trai turner who in the sixth turner stole home. the dodgers were distracted and turner took off, beating the throw and adding to the nationals big league. >> we should get you a job in the sports department. that was pretty good. >> i love sports. love,
11:56 am
too. it was warm out there, chuck. >> sure is. in fact the nationals and the dodgers are playing -- the game starts in just ten minutes from now and it is going to be a great afternoon for baseball. hopefully it's another great opportunity for another nats win after that big win last night. i know a lot of people will be doing what i'm planning on doing with the weekend and that is going to the beach to try to find some amount of cooler weather. temperatures will be near 100 around here this weekend, but down at the coastline friday, saturday and sunday, high temperatures low, perhaps the mid-90s at the beach. but the ocean temperature now 76 degrees. that may come up a little bit as well with the continuation of the very warm weather that's in place. here's our next ten days now, and boy is it going to get hot. 91 today, that's not bad. tomorrow 97. that's going to be a little untolerable. as we get into saturday and sunday, temperatures up near 100 degrees. i honestly think if we're going to have a hottest day, we could probably do 101 or 102 on monday and that will probably be
11:57 am
hottest day of the stretch. our best chance for rain over the next ten days, late in the day monday and i think tuesday may be our best chance for thunderstorms to try to cool things down a little bit, as a little change in the pattern comes in. may not be 100, but we may still be 95 or higher well into next week. >> all right, thank you, chuck. it has been years since first lady michelle obama rocked out in the passenger seat of a car. she finally got her chance to bust some moves during car pool karaoke on cbs's "the late show with james corden." ♪ ♪ >> the duo was later joined by missy elliott in the back seat. mrs. obama said the one thing that she will miss about leaving the white house is the people that she sees every day. she says that she's looking forward to a little bit
11:58 am
well overdue. >> and that iit fors man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support.
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